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Many credit providers advertise that they provide potential customers with a loan without Schufa information. From such offers you should keep your fingers off, because a credit without Schufa is not possible with reputable providers. The Schufa score provides information on how reliably a borrower has met his payment obligations in the past.

The Schufa score is therefore an indicator of the risk that a loan will not be repaid. Accordingly, it is usually not possible to get a loan without a Schufa query. More promising is to obtain a loan despite less good Schufa information or credit despite Schufa the offer.

Is a loan possible without Schufa?

Even at auxmoney , no loans are brokered without Schufa. However, unlike many other credit providers, it is possible for auxmoney to get a cheap loan with mediocre or worse Schufa information. auxmoney offers credit seekers credit despite Schufa. This is due to the system of private-to-private lending at auxmoney.   Here, investors can invest in various projects, reducing the risk by diversifying the investment amounts. This, in turn, benefits borrowers, since loans with a low Schufa score can also be financed.


Because the Schufa score is just one of over 300 credit ratings of the auxmoney score, which determines the risk of payment defaults. Banks, on the other hand, rate the creditworthiness of loan seekers purely on the basis of the available scores. Therefore, people with poorer scores have no chance of getting a loan there. The self-employed often have a low Schufa value. This is because they have an irregular income. While auxmoney does not offer credit without Schufa, the self-employed in particular benefit from the fact that credit requests with a low Schufa score can also be met at auxmoney.

Take auxmoney loan online

auxmoney is the largest German provider of personal loans . Anyone looking for a loan can publish their credit project on the platform. Private investors can then invest amounts of 25.00 euros in and so finance the project. Because of this system, it is also possible for people with a less than perfect Schufa information to get a cheap loan. However, at auxmoney no credit is possible without Schufa information. Because for a loan without Schufa there is no sufficient security and information as to whether the loan can also be repaid. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get an immediate loan from auxmoney for persons in insolvency, EV or judicial debt collection.

General information about the Schufa score

General information about the Schufa score

In the private as well as in the business life credit means without Schufa that with the credit check the Schufa score is not consulted and that the afterwards granted credit also not in the Schufa data base is registered. The loan seeker can expect a loan without Schufa exclusively from credit providers who are not Schufa business partners. Among the banks, these are some online banks. Branch banks and savings banks as well as direct banks cooperate with Schufa as a private credit agency. Their purpose is to provide transparency to each individual citizen as to what financial ties he has entered into.

Benefits for the loan at auxmoney, even with low Schufa score

Benefits for the loan at auxmoney, even with low Schufa score

Borrowers whose request has been rejected by the bank can still be granted credit – the magic word is auxmoney. The online credit marketplace also offers credit seekers with low Schufa score the opportunity to borrow money from private investors. This lending is called P2P loan . The term “peer to peer” comes from the English language and means “person to person” or “private to private”. auxmoney successfully uses this concept. Borrowers and investors are merged on the online loan platform. It acts auxmoney as an intermediary. As a governmental permit is required for lending in Germany, auxmoney GmbH is in cooperation with the experienced SWK-Bank.

Various reasons for a credit with a moderate Schufa score

Various reasons for a credit with a moderate Schufa score

Many different loan projects have been published on the online platform auxmoney. Once you have successfully completed the free registration as a loan seeker at, you are ready to go and you can introduce your personal project to the investors. Here are some examples of loan projects:

  • Replacement of existing loans [debt restructuring]
  • Immediate financing through an instant loan
  • auto financing
  • Business start
  • Financing of furniture purchase, renovation, relocation
  • Financing of consumer electronics

Borrowers should describe their project in an attractive way in order to have a better chance of getting their desired loan earliest possible. The more openly the credit request is communicated, the more trustworthy it is for investors. In addition, the auxmoney score, which represents the creditworthiness of the borrower, provides investors with insight into the risk of default. In order to become active as a borrower on the auxmoney loan platform, certain conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • a regular income from work or pension [no transfer payments]
  • the age between eighteen and seventy years
  • the permanent residence in Germany
  • a checking account at a German bank

Better chances of getting a loan despite Schufa at auxmoney

Since the crowdlending principle is used at auxmoney, not only do you have an advantage but also the private lenders , since these good returns have opportunities. The higher the interest rate, the more return private investors get. The decision to lend lies with these and not with the bank, so that you can apply for a loan with a professional and convincing portfolio despite mediocre schufa and get paid.

Loan request made easy even with low Schufa score

The convenient loan settlement on the P2P loan platform auxmoney is very easy for the loan seeker. He can register for free, publish his credit project and get in touch with the credit providers. Not only is it possible to choose the desired loan amount in the range of 1000 to 50,000 euros, but also the term, which can be up to 84 months. Only upon successful conclusion of the loan, there is a one-time commission of 2.95 percent of the loan amount.

  • Free credit inquiry and information,
  • Financing by investors by way of immediate approval or project financing and
  • Payment of the desired loan within a short time

So if you did not succeed at the bank, auxmoney has the possibility to obtain a loan even with a moderate Schufa score. Loan seekers have the opportunity to present a credit project on the online credit marketplace and to get their desired loan within a very short time. Credit despite Schufa is therefore possible under certain conditions!

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